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Introducing one of the biggest and tallest water slides in the Midwest! The 27″ Pipeline water slide is a dual lane water slide with a slip and slide attachment. The bright blue color and the wave is great for any event theme. This water slide is perfect for the hot summer days when you need to cool down. The sheer size of the slide will provide excitement for all ages! Your guests will love the thrill of sliding down the 27-foot drop. It will add excitement and an experience to remember for everyone.

There is a single ladder that leads up to the dual-lane water slide. There are sprinklers on the top and they go all the way down the slide to the end to help you reach your maximum speed. You climb up the ladder and slide down the slide and do it again and again. With the 27″ Pipeline having two lanes you can race to see who can reach the bottom the fastest! So if you are looking for a ride like no other rent the 27″ Pipeline water slide for your next event!

Safety and Precautions

Our 27″ Pipeline water slide is made with the most reliable and safe materials in the business. They are all made with 18oz vinyl to ensure safety for everyone using it. When ordering with the Fun Ones you have the option to hire one of our trained staff to supervise the event. You can also supervise the water slide yourself but we do require that it be supervised the entire event. Here are some basic precautions that we take while supervising a water slide:

  • Always being aware of the wind conditions.  All inflatables are approved for winds up to 15 mph.  If winds exceed 15 mph, including gusts, the water slide must be evacuated.
  • Only 2 kids at the top of the slide at a time.
  • Make sure kids exit the slide at the bottom and do not turn around and try to go back up.
  • Make sure all attachment points stay secure throughout the event.

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