Santa Claus Bounce House

With the holidays around the corner our Santa Claus Bounce House has been booking quite fast! This cute bounce house is great for indoor venues with higher ceilings! No matter what celebration you are having, you can always entertain the kids with this Santa Claus Bounce House!

You can have the Santa Claus Bounce House either indoors or outdoors. We can even place this indoors as long as the venue and space allow it! Nothing fancy is needed, just (1) 20 amp outlet within 80 ft and full adult supervision, nothing else!

The Santa Claus Bounce House rental is ideal for all ages! For kids ages 5 and younger we suggest having no more than 9-10 kids in there at once. For kids ages 6-11 we suggest not having any more than 5-6 kids in there at one time. For any older as well as adults we limit this to around 4 at a time.

If you want this Santa Claus Bounce House call us today! We can see if you are within our delivery zones! You most likely are if you are in the outer skirts of Chicago or one of its surrounding suburbs! If you have any questions on our Santa Claus Bounce House rental, or any other rentals, please let us know!

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