Spiderman Club Moonwalk

For your next “Spiderman” themed event make sure to book our Spiderman Club Moonwalk! This rental is sure to make all your little superheroes grin from ear to ear! Not only will the children have a great time but the parents as well! What better way to make memories than to see the little ones having a blast?!

Our Spiderman Club Moonwalk can be set up on grass or hard surface, whichever the customer decides! If the ceiling heights permit it, the Spiderman Club Moonwalk can even be set up indoors! The moonwalk itself measures15’Lx15’Wx17’H. Its bouncing area is about 13’Lx13’W but we recommend the client to provide a total area that is at least19Lx19Wx18H in order to ensure the moonwalk fits.

The Fun Ones provides everything that is needed to run the moonwalk but we do ask the customer to provide the following:

  1. Full supervision for the duration of the event
  2. (1) 20amp electrical circuit within 80ft of the moonwalk
  3. Provide a space of 17’Lx17’Wx18’H

Not only do we have the Spiderman Club Moonwalk, but we also have many other options for your next Superheroes themed event! Call one of our event planners today to see what recommendations they have to offer.

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