60″ Round Table


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60 Inch Round Tables are the event rental standard for seating tables. They are large enough to seat eight guests comfortably yet small enough to allow guest to easily converse with others at their table. 60 inch round tables are the recommended guest seating choice for tents and venues that are between 20′ and 40′ wide. We highly suggest that a table linen is used to cover any rental table. Creative use of linen transforms an ordinary table into an elegant expression of the theme of your event. To cover a 60″ round table you can use a 90″ round cloth that will drop about halfway down the table. Or if you would like you can choose a 120″ round cloth that will reach to the ground. To change it up you can add a 90″ square cloth as an overlay on the 120″ round cloth. You can also mix or match linen napkins to complete the look of your tables.

If you need to rent chairs to go with the tables we have a wide variety of chairs to choose from. Whether you’re hosting a child’s birthday party or a semi formal or formal event, we have the chair for you. Most of our chairs can be used indoors or out. The neutral chair is great for picnics, festivals, or any event. Hosting a bridal shower or baby shower? You might like our white on white folding chair. It’s an affordable and simple way to upgrade the look of your event. If you’re hosting a more formal event you can choose from our white resin folding chair or our dark wood folding chair. These chairs give a high end look and feel to events like fundraisers and galas.

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