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If you want to add a little competitive excitement to your graduation party, then you will surely need The Vault arcade game rental! This is a brand new addition to our inventory and let us tell you, it is addicting! The Vault arcade game rental is ideal for anyone over the age of 7. This arcade game rental will test just how fast your reflexes are!

Even though there is only one trigger you can easily make this into a competition with one of your guests, just simply switch triggers once the round is over. The one who can successfully finish a round wins!

To play with The Vault arcade game rental you will need to provide power within 5ft of distance as well as a table top! Nothing else will be needed to play the game. How cool is that! The Vault arcade game rental is great for all types of events and age-ranges! Since you can change the difficulty level kids from ages 7 and older up to adults can play this game without getting bored!

Your Mission

  • Select difficulty level
  • Push trigger to start
  • Stop the orbiting WHITE lights on the RED lights
  • Progress through all 5 rounds to WIN
  • You have 30 seconds to complete your mission

The Fun Ones currently services the Chicago-surrounding suburbs and we make deliveries out of state as long as you reach the minimum! If you have questions in regards to our travel zones please give us a call! We’d be happy to give you a quote either over the phone or via email! You can even chat with us for pricing and availability!

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