Toxic Meltdown Junior


Introducing our Toxic Meltdown Junior! This rendition of our Toxic Meltdown has 4 jumping pods so that any size party can have this at their event!

This interactive inflatable was inspired by the popular TV show “Wipe Out”. The object of this inflatable interactive game is to jump over and duck under the rotating arms. One arm is lower to the ground and the players jump over it. The arm opposite is higher and the players objective is to duck under it with out falling off. The arm is speed adjustable so the difficulty can be adjusted. The rotation direction can also be changed so you can switch the game up. This interactive inflatable game is based off the game last man standing. The objective is to dodge the obstacles without falling off. When you do fall off you have to move back or exit the inflatable. The “last man standing” is declared the winner! This game is super fun for players and spectators alike! Cheer on your guests and friends and see who comes out the champion!

The Toxic Meltdown Junior is a great team building game and it is sure to channel you and your guests competitive spirit. All ages are sure to enjoy this interactive inflatable!

The Toxic Meltdown Junior requires one attendant to run and control the game. The attendant will ensure that the arm is spinning at a safe speed for the participants in order to ensure safety. Anyone who is not trained to run the Toxic Meltdown Junior is not allowed to operate or tamper with the game. Only our trained attendant can operate the game. If you are looking to add some challenge and excitement to your next event give our office a call to order yours today!

If you are hosting a larger event checkout our full size Toxic Meltdown that has 8 jumping pods so that more people can play!

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