Turbo Obstacle Course


Turbo Obstacle Course is a totally different type of obstacle course that we carry. It is a single-person obstacle course that is more suitable for schools or competitions. This type of obstacle may seem a bit ‘out there’ but trust us, this has become quite the popular rental during the fall/winter times. Our Turbo Obstacle Course features an aisle of tackle dummies that the participant must go through. Next, he/she must face even more obstacles to only come across another long aisle of tackle dummies! Finally, he/she will encounter the tall climbing wall and finally slide down the tall slide! This obstacle course is perfect for event with volunteers! This is a one volunteer rental which is perfect so more volunteers can help watch other big items!

This Turbo Obstacle Course Rental measures 24’Lx19’Wx18’H but we do ask that the customer provides an area that is at least 28’Lx22’Wx19’H in order to ensure it fits properly. We also ask that (2) 20amp electrical outlets be provided within 80ft and full supervision of provided for the duration of the event.

The Fun Ones currently offers its services to any residential or corporate event. Private or public, big or small, do give us a call and see what other great items we have available to help make your event a Fun One! If you are trying to stay under a certain budget or have a theme to your event let one of our sales representatives know and they will gladly offer other awesome rentals!

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