Tent Rental for 0-50 People

Here are some layouts of our various tents with various seating arrangements so you can choose one that works for you! These are just a few of the possibilities when planning your tent layout.

These are just suggestions for layouts, you’re free to come up with your own way to arrange everything! However, in our experience, providing customers with these diagrams better shows just how big each tent really is, and gives some perspective to the whole tent rental process.

Remember that people need breathing room, and little bit of space around tables is always a good thing.

Here are some rules you want to keep in mind when looking at these diagrams and ordering your tent.

Modifying the tent packages – The packages below are designed to give you ideas on how to layout your tent and see how people will be positioned under the tent.  These packages are Starting points and can be modified to fit your specific needs.

Deciding how many people will sit at a table – All of the diagrams below use 5 foot round tables or 8 foot rectangle tables.  Both 5 foot round tables and 8 foot tables are designed to have 8 people comfortably sitting at the tables.  Many of the diagrams below have more than 8 people sitting at the tables.  This is due to many customers requesting more people sitting at the tables because their yard will only fit a smaller size tent. The Fun Ones does not recommend having more than 8 people sitting at a table, but will supply you with everything you need to have the amount of seating required for your event.

Deciding to have the equipment professionally installed – We typically install 1 to 2 days prior to your event and pick up 1 to 2 days after your event.  Convenience and peace of mind make having your equipment professionally installed a great option.  There are delivery restrictions on how far we will travel to install tents with 50 or less people.  Call, chat, or email to find out your delivery rate and if we are able to deliver to your location.

Deciding between a Canopy Tent and a Frame Tent – Canopy tents are light weight and quick to install.  The best thing about a canopy tent is the price.  However, there are many negatives to consider – Installation on Grass only, Guaranteed up to 20mph only (Service charge to come out again to set up if blown down), Pole in the middle of the tent, have to stake out 6 feet on all sides so, it takes up a lot of yard space.  Frame tents are heavy duty commercial tents guaranteed up to 60mph, have no center pole, can be setup in tight areas, can be installed on grass, hard surface or both, and legs are adjustable height.  The only con to the frame tent is that it cost more than a canopy.  However, a peace of mind comes with a frame tent knowing it will withstand high winds.

Party Layouts

These layouts work great for just about any party! You can see just how many tables and chairs can fit under each of our tents. Do keep in mind that the delivery made by The Fun Ones is in addition to the package price.  It is based on how much time the crews need to travel back and forth.

Party Tent
28 Guests, 
15x15 Frame Tent, 
4 Long Tables

32 Guests, 
20x20 Canopy Tent, 
4 Round Tables,  
1 Buffet Table

32 Guests, 
20x20 Frame Tent, 
4 Round Tables,
2 Buffet

Party Tent Party Tent
48 Guests, 
20x20 Canopy Tent, 
6-Long Tables, 
64 Guests, 
20x30 Canopy Tent, 
8-Long Tables
40 Guests, 
20x20 Frame Tent, 
5-Round Tables

48 Guests, 20×20 Frame Tent, Long Tables 

Fun Ones Installation:

48 Guests, 20×20 Frame Tent, Long Tables 

Fun Ones Installation: