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An InflatableVelcro Sticky Wall Rental can make memories stick in pariticipants minds forever. Put on your Velcro covered suit, run, jump, spring, and stick yourself as high up the Velcro wall or jump sideways or even upside down! The Velcro wall is absolute fun and laughter for both the participants and spectators. A range of Velcro suit sizes are available for youngsters to adults.

An inflatable Velcro sticky wall rental is an inflatable play structure that has a 17 foot high wall and a bounce surface attached to it. The wall is covered in the loop pattern of velcro. Each participant puts on a velcro suit which contains the hook portion of velcro. Once the partipant has the velcro suit on, they can run and jump against the velcro wall. When launching against the velcro sticky wall, you can twist and turn and attach to the wall in many ways. Usually it will take the operator of the velcro sticky wall to pull the participant off the wall.

For younger participants, the operator can help lift and place the participant on the wall.


  • Inflatable Velcro Sticky Wall
  • Velcro Suits for Kids and Adults
  • 25′ L x 12′ W x 17′ H

The Inflatable Velcro Sticky Wall Rental Requirements: (1) 20 amp circuit within 80 feet of the setup location. A minimum of 1 operator, but 2 is suggested. The first operator stays on the velcro wall base to explain the rules and assist the participants on and off the wall. The second operator is used to help people select the size of the velcro suit and toassist putting on and off the velcro suits.

At The Fun Ones, we are committed to providing safe and clean equipment for any event. Velcro walls are popular for high school lock-ins, company picnics, school carnivals, church youth groups, and graduation parties. Our event planners are ready to reserve your Velcro sticky wall for your next event.

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