Youth Event Rentals

If you need youth event rentals for a youth event in Addison, Downers Grove, Hinsdale, Oak Brook, or any other suburb in the Chicago, Illinois, area, you’ve come to the right place! As your premier source for party rentals, The Fun Ones is the only call you’ll need to make when planning your next event.

At The Fun Ones, our warehouse boasts the largest supply of youth event rentals in the Midwest. We realize this massive selection can be a little daunting, since you may not know exactly what you want to reserve for your next event. But thanks to our decades of experience in the event rental industry and our proud membership in the Event Planners Association, we can help you at every step of the way in planning your next event.

When you reserve your youth event rentals with The Fun Ones, you’ll experience our professionalism from the moment you first contact us, to the time you place your order, to the delivery and setup of the equipment, to when our staff takes everything down after your event is over. We pride ourselves on being the most reliable entertainment rental company around, which means our equipment is always in pristine condition, delivered on time in full working order, and equipped with the latest safety features.

A handful of our most popular youth event rentals include:

  • Bounce house rentals
  • Climbing walls
  • Water slides
  • Mechanical bulls
  • Arcade games and carnival games
  • And many more party rentals to choose from

No matter what youth event rentals you reserve from The Fun Ones, you’ll always receive our 24/7/365 support guarantee. Because we have such an expansive supply of party rentals, we always have backup equipment packed and ready to go in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, we can rent out equipment for any day of the year, including holidays, and we can accommodate any size event, even on short notice.

For more information about the youth event rentals we offer for churches in Addison, Downers Grove, Hinsdale, Oak Brook, and surrounding areas in Illinois, contact The Fun Ones today. And remember we bring fun for everyone!


Teen Party Package

$1,395 + delivery

Pick 1:

  • Full Court Press Basketball
  • Inflatable Twister
  • 1st Down Football
  • Fat Cats Deluxe
  • High Striker

Pick 1:

  • 3 Lane Bungee Run
  • Defender Dome
  • Pillow Bash
  • Slam Dunk Deluxe

Pick 1:

  • 22ft Extreme Slide
  • Cliff Hanger Slide
  • 65ft Max Challenge
  • Red Ball Challenge

Total: + $1,395 delivery!
This Teen Party Package is great to have if you have kids that are in their teen years! The above games are ideal for kids that are at least 8 years of age! Some of the above games will definitely bring out the competitive side in your guests! These rentals can go either on grass or hard surfaces or be indoors or outdoors, depending on the space available.

Pre-Teen Party Package

$995 + delivery

Pick 1:

  • Soccer Kick Inflatable
  • Skee Ball Inflatable
  • Pony Hop Medium (set of 3)
  • Pop A Shot Inflatable

Pick 2:

  • 2 Lane Bungee Run
  • 18ft Giant Slide
  • Junior Defender Dome
  • 38ft Obstacle Course
  • Bungee Sports Challenge

Pick 1:

  • QB Toss Frame Game
  • Furious Fowl Frame Game
  • Baseball Toss Frame Game
  • Punk Rack

Total: + $995 delivery!
This Pre-Teen Party Package is great to have if you have kids within the ages of 7-15. This is great for both boys and girls-even adults can play the above games! If there is space available, this package can be set up either indoor or outdoor on grass or hard surface.

Young Kids Party Package

$695 + delivery

Pick 1:

  • Animal Playground
  • Safari Kingdom Playground
  • Noah’s Ark Modular Combo
  • Mickey Playground

Pick 1:

  • 30ft Obstacle Course
  • 34ft Obstacle Course
  • 16ft Giant Slide


  • QB Football Toss Frame Game
  • Penguin Fish Fling
  • Baseball Toss Frame Game
  • Kiddie Hi Striker

Total: + $695 delivery!
This Young Kids Party Package is great to have for any event that will have kids ages 3-12. This is a great package since no one will feel left out! The above rentals can go either indoor or outdoor depending on the space.