The Toxic Meltdown Interactive Game

Toxic Meltdown Interactive Game

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If you are looking for an extreme ride for your next event look no farther! The Toxic Meltdown interactive game is an extreme take on the game last man standing and is also inspired by the televison show Wipe Out. Players have to try to stay standing on their pedistal without falling off while the two arms spin. The players have to jump over the striped lower arm and either duck under the striped large arm or, for more of a challenge, jump over the large arm! Once you fall off you back up or exit the inflatalbe and wait until one person is left who is the winner of that round! The speed of the arms can ajusted so you can make the game as challenging as you want. The arms also change direction so you can switch up the game! The entire inflatable is padded so you don’t ever have to worry about hurting yourself. Everyone loves the fun design and bright colors of the Toxic Meltdown. The black and yellow pop especailly off the green of the floor of the Toxic Meltdown interactive game!

The Toxic Meltdown is great for teambuilding and channeling your inner competitive spirit! Kids and adults alike love the challenge and fun of teambuliding that the Toxic Meltdown brings! At least one attendant is required for the operation of the Toxic Meltdown. The attendant will make sure that the arms are going at a safe speed and that everyone plays safe. The attendant is not permitted to let anyone who is not trained on the proper operation of the Toxic Meltdown to operate the Toxic Meltdown. So if you want to bring a challenge and fun to your next event rent to Toxic Meltdown! It is sure to bring your event some excitment and your guests enjoyment. Naperville party rental