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Jurrasic Park Inflatable Bounce House

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Inflatable Bounce House Safety? Part 2

Inflatable Safety Part 2

The final inspection step is to make sure the inflatable safety signs are secure and legible and the unit is clean. Every inflatable unit manufactured in the USA is required to have a safety sign on it with instructions and a manufactured date. If you get delivered to your event an inflatable without a safety sign, beware of the safety of the unit. Over the years, we have acquired many small inflatable companies. Some of these companies had units without safety signs and manufacturer information. Almost all were purchased from China manufacturers and were not made for commercial use. We found the stitching and anchor points do not withstand commercial use. When small companies are starting out,

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This is one of the most commonly asked questions when people are considering renting an inflatable for their first time.  The answer is “it depends”.  The safety of an inflatable bounce house depends on many factors which we will discuss throughout this article.  But first you may be asking “is this person qualified to write this article and are they an expert on this topic?”  Well, I would say an expert wouldbounce-house-combo-frozen-400x325 be someone who works for the insurance industry and investigates how and why accidents occur on inflatables.  I am not an expert.  However, I have owned an entertainment and party rental company for 12 years which has been responsible for installing and running over 20,000 inflatables over those years and I have personally attended over 300 events with inflatables to witness firsthand how inflatable’s have been installed and supervised. 

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