When renting carnival games for your event, there are many things to take into account to make sure your carnival is the best it can be. We will discuss in this article what are all the factors to consider when selecting what games to rent or purchase. The carnival games we will discuss are intended for School Carnivals, Fun Fairs, Festivals, Company Picnics, Trade Shows, and Birthday Parties. Each of these events has different types of people playing.

An important question to answer when planning your event is – What is the target audience for the carnival games? This is important when selecting carnival games that require skill. If you choose skill games that are too difficult for a 10-year-old, they will not enjoy your event. The same is true if you choose games which are too easy for adults.

Carnival Game Categories

Carnival Games typically fall into 4 categories – Skill, Chance, Winner Every Time, and Strength. Having the correct balance of these will have an impact on how your carnival will be perceived by the attendees.

  • Skill Games – These games require an individual to possess eye hand coordination and sometimes strategy. Within the skill games, make sure you do not have too many toss games as they are the most popular type. Sample games would be Skee Ball, golf putting, and Angry Birds.
  • Games of Chance – These games will hold their odds no matter the age or skill of the player. Sample games would be Prize Wheel, Plinko, Cake Walk, and Duck Pond.
  • Winner Every Time – These carnival games allow everyone to win, but allow some players to win bigger. Sample games would be Lucky Sucker and Lollipop Tree.
  • Strength Games – These carnival games take some type of physical force to win. The most popular of these would be a traditional High Striker game.

Finding the Right Balance

Carnival Game Odds – Some games are easy to win and others can be quite difficult. Finding the right balance for your event can depend on how much money you intend to make at the event and the quality of prizes you want to give away.

Event Budget – Every event has a budget. So you want to choose the type of games that have great graphics or bring the “WOW” factor, but keep you within budget. This is when choosing a company that has a large variety of games and prices is invaluable. By knowing your budget and know how many people.

Games Size – The size of your venue can have an impact on what carnival games you can choose from. There are large inflatable games that bring a “WOW” factor to your event, but take up a lot of floor space. Ceiling height will also come into play with some games.

Inflatables – These can be great ticket eaters if you choose wisely. You want to make sure you can make your money back on any inflatable you select.

Choosing the Vendor

When choosing a company to work with, you want to make sure they know the secrets of running a carnival event. The easiest question to ask to determine if they know what they are doing is “What is the amount of money we can generate from our event?” If they can not tell you, then you should be cautious about how much advise they give you.

If you need consultation and training on how to run your carnival, give us a call and we will have you and your team come in for a free consultation. You can click here for pricing on carnival packages.