Bull Ringer Carnival Game


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Have a Western themed party coming up-look no further and choose some of our Western Games to provide the entertainment! Our Bull Ringer Western Game is sure to bring that competition out of every cowboy & cowgirl at your next event! This challenging game of skill and concentration is a Fun Fair or carnival favorite.

How To Play Bull Ringer Western Game:

This table top game is played by swinging the ring to try to land on the hook under the bull’s nose. This may sound easy but after a couple times one of your guests tries this game reality will soon check in! This game can be quite the challenge! Our Bull Ringer Western Game Requires a table top for set up.

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If you have a specific western theme to follow be sure to check out our other fun western games available for rent! Get just one more or as many as you would like to create your own barnyard feel for your party!

Call us today to see what other recommendations our staff has for you! We guarantee that we will try our best to make your event a Fun, unforgettable, moment for you and your guests! Either call us or email whichever is convenient for you. Thank you for taking us into consideration for helping make your event a Fun One!

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