Dunk Tank Rental – Downers Grove, Bolingbrook, Northbrook, Park Ridge


A dunk tank rental from The Fun Ones is a surefire way to bring some excitement and tension to your party. Nothing beats soaking your boss, friends, or family! We’ve rented party equipment to a lot of parties all over Illinois, and our dunk tank rentals have Dunk Tank Deluxeconsistently proven themselves to be favorites. The best part is that we deliver, so whether you’re in Bolingbrook, Downers Grove, Northbrook, or Park Ridge – we’ve got you covered.

The Fun Ones operates with a strong focus on product quality and strong customer service. The way we treat our customers has launched us to the top of the Illinois party rental industry. We deliver the dunk tank rental to your event, set it up, and even provide an attendant to supervise it during the party. This service, combined with our prices, make us the best party rental company in Illinois. We also offer 4 different dunk tank rental options:

  • Traditional Dunk Tank ($225) – Our most popular, most-rented dunk tank. A standard rectangular dunk tank that features a window, so you don’t miss out on whoever’s inside getting wet!
  • Deluxe Dunk Tank ($295) – A truly spectacular dunk tank. This is the biggest one we have, and offers the clearest view of the soaking, as well as the biggest splash!
  • Pitch Burst Dunk Tank ($175) – A cheaper alternative to our other dunk tanks – and safer too! The splashee sits underneath a basket that houses a full water balloon. When the target is hit, the balloon bursts, and soaks the person underneath. Great if you’re worried about kids falling into our other dunk tanks and hurting themselves. We provide 100 balloons with each pitch burst dunk tank rental.
  • Silly Shower Dunking Booth (295) – A self-contained dunk tank/shower booth. Can be used as a standard target trigger, or a mini golf putting trigger. When activated, the shower in the booth turns on and soaks the person inside.

We’ve found that people who are looking for dunk tanks often check out some of our other carnival games and extreme rides. We’ve got stuff that you wouldn’t believe is available for rent, like rock climbing walls, inflatable obstacle courses, trackless trains, and more! We guarantee that you’ll find something you like on our site.

If you have any questions at all concerning our dunk tank rentals, or other party rentals, contact us and we’ll help you out!