Money Machine Rental – Naperville, Plainfield, Schaumburg, Des Plaines


Money Machine Rental
Rent a money machine for your event in Naperville, Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, or Carol Stream.

Our money machine rentals are some of our top-selling promotional and prize equipment.

These are pretty versatile in terms of how you might want to use them. We have a recommended set of rules that really give you the most bang for your buck with these machines, but you’re also free to make up your own rules and use the machine however you want. These machines are great for all kinds of events – you could be planning a school social in Naperville, a corporate event in Plainfield, a festival in Schaumburg, or a fundraiser in Des Plaines – these machines will bring excitement to your event.

Here are some features of our money machine rentals:

  • These are great crowd-builders. Everyone wants a chance at grabbing some cash and prizes.
  • Create your own rules and prizes! Instead of cash, write prizes on slips of paper that people can win. For example, you could offer a vacation day that someone could grab.
  • We give you the option of having one of our staff supervise the money machine, keeping everything running smoothly and keeping the line moving.
  • We provide a few rolls of realistic play money that you can use to represent real cash or other prizes.
  • We include protective eye goggles for safety during your time in the money machine.
  • The hard case money machine rental has a LCD timer and LCD customization rolling message.
  • There is a mounted red beacon light to really grab everyone’s attention on the hard case money machine rental.

We have two main types of money machines. There is a hard case money machine rental available for $595.00. This one has the best features and a 360 degree view of the action, as well as all of the features listed above. We also have two different soft case money machines, which are cheaper to rent (they cost $295.00), but lack some of the above features. Either way, you can make an informed decision based on your attendance and budget.

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If you have any questions about our money machine rentals, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.