Naperville Table Rental

A Naperville Table Rental for an event at a bank.

A Naperville Table Rental for an event at a bank.

Tables are definitely a core feature at many events. We at The Fun Ones know that our customers can have many different uses and needs for tables. This has led us to purchase and make available a wide selection of tables. So if you’re looking for a reliable company for your Naperville table rental, you are in the right place.

We have a huge variety of tables, some of which we guarantee will suit your table rental needs:

  • Round, single leg tables,
  • Long, rectangular, folding tables,
  • Large, round, elegant tables, perfect for weddings or dinners
  • Bar tables,
  • S-curved tables

Aside from Naperville table rentals, we also offer linen and chair rentals, so you can get everything you need in one complete package. And don’t worry if you’re not from Naperville, we also service the greater Chicago area. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop of sorts for all possible party rental needs, so if you need anything else for your party, The Fun Ones are the way to go! Our prices are affordable and competitive, our staff is professional and enthusiastic, our customer service is absolutely unmatched, and the satisfaction of all our previous customers only goes to show that we are not exaggerating!

Some of our other party rental equipment includes inflatables like obstacle courses and moonjumps, waterslides, zip lines, photo booths, dunk tanks, and much more! So take a look around our site, we promise that you’ll find something you like. If you wisely decide to rent something from our wonderful company, give us a call, and we will happily assist you in any planning and details. Thank you for visiting The Fun Ones!

  • Flat-Top Grill Rental
  • Red Carpet Rental
    Red Carpet Rental | Rent Red Carpet
    $85 Red Carpet Rentals
  • portable bar
    Portable 4 ft Bar
    $75 4'l x 43"h x 20"w
  • fill n chill table rentals
    Fill ‘N Chill Party Table
    $45 Outside 73” x 31” x 6 ½” Depth. Inside 69” x 29” x 3 ½” Well Depth
  • Picnic Table Rental
    $30 60"L x 29"W x 29.4"H
  • 6ft training narrow table
    6ft Meeting Room Training Table Rental
    $15- 6ftL x 3ftW
  • Shaped Tables- 4 Foot Serpentine Tables
    $15 each- 4' Long
  • Naperville kids table rental
    6ft Kids Table Rental
    $13 6'L x 24" W x 24"T
  • High Boy Table
    $12 each 30" Round x 42" Tall
  • Table Rentals- 60″ Round Tables
    $9 each Seats: 8 - 10 people
  • 8 Foot Banquet Table
    $9 each- 8' x 30"
  • 48″ Round Table
    $8 each Seats: 6 - 8 people
  • 6ft table
    6 Foot Banquet Table
    $8 each- 6' x 30"
  • Narrow Training table
    8ft Meeting Room Table
    $15 each- 8ft L x 3ft W
  • Table Linen on 60″ Round Table
    $10 each
  • Round Tables- 30″ Cabaret Table
    $12 each- 30" Round x 30" Tall