Ping Pong Table Rental – Elmhurst, Skokie, Westmont, Burr Ridge


Our ping pong table rentals can liven up your party in a number of ways. Any event gets a little livelier with sports, and your event will ping_pong_table_rentalbe no exception. The festive atmosphere and camaraderie that comes with some friendly competition can really make your event one to remember. Ping pong (or any tabletop game, really) is also a great way to introduce people to each other. If some of your guests are strangers, then they can just play a game of ping pong and warm right up to each other. We rent these out to all kinds of events, from carnivals in Elmhurst, to corporate parties in Westmont, to festivals in Skokie, to college events in Burr Ridge. No matter where they go, or what kind of party they’re at, our ping pong table rentals always seem to be a hit.

We realize that it takes more than just a quality product to be successful – you need quality service too. That’s what differentiates us from the other party rental companies out there. While they make you pick up the rental, we deliver it for you. While they make you set it up yourself, we install it wherever you want. After your event is over, we pack it up and take it away. As if that wasn’t enough, we offer 24/7 support through an emergency hotline – should you need to use it. Here are the details:

  • Costs $195 per day
  • Includes paddles, balls, and table
  • Delivery, installation, and return are taken care of – you don’t have to worry, just tell us where you are.
  • 2-4 players at a time
  • Day or night support hotline in case of emergencies (check the top of your rental contract for the number)
  • You can also (optionally) hire one of our employees to supervise the table

If ping pong isn’t for you, take a look at some of our other games. We have arcade machinesgame consolesair hockey tablesshuffle board tablesfoosball tables, or pool tables. Whatever your tastes are, we’ve got something for you.

And please give us a call if you have any questions whatsoever.