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A traditional Skee Ball Arcade game is one of the most classic of all arcade games. It is definitely a must-have for any corporate event or carnival themed event! The bright colors are sure to give you the nostalgia of the original carnival atmosphere.

The old-fashioned under-hand throwing skee ball game has simple rules. Anyone can roll the ball down the lane and attempt to make it into one of the six holes for points. The higher the ball goes the more points you earn. The machine keeps track of the scores electronically. Each player gets 9 balls to try to beat the high score!

You can even play in teams or three at a time. Your guests will enjoy the entertainment of this game for hours on end! The Skee Ball Rental is great for all ages. Our particular machine is manufactured by the original Skee Ball Company, with over 100 years of arcade history.

Combine the Skee Ball arcade game rental with some of our other fun games of skill and luck for a custom arcade games package. If you like, you can rent skee ball games to go across an entire wall. We will position them side by side just like a midway of games.  We

also offer custom prize packages to reward the lucky players.

If you would like your corporate logo printed on the side of the machines, we can create a wrap to theme the game to your event.  We deliver all over northern Illinois, including Chicago, Schaumburg, Naperville, Oak Brook, Northbrook, and Lombard.


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