Prize Wheel Rental

A prize wheel rental can help any promotional event get peoples attention.  A prize wheel is typically bright in colors and produces a noticeable clicking noise.  When anyone hears the clicking noise of a prize wheel, they know something is going to be given away.  Every person in the vicinity will stop to see if what is being given away is of interest to them.  A prize wheel rental is one of the most popular rentals for trade shows and corporate events because of its low cost and easy portability.  There are options to choose from when selecting the right prize wheel for your event –

  • Size – Prize wheels can come in many sizes.  They can range from 12 inches to 8 feet as seen on The Price is Right show.
  • Colors –
  • Pockets –
  • Dry Erase –
  • Money –
  • Height –
  • Odds –
  • old fashioned prize wheel rental Chicago
    Vintage Prize Wheel
    $95- 30" diameter
  • LED Prize wheel rental Chicago
    LED Prize Wheel
  • Money Prize Wheel 6 Foot Stand
    $135- 3'Wx6'H
  • Color Wheel Carnival Game
    $55- 27"Lx29"Wx34"H
  • Money Prize Wheel Table Top
  • Pocket Prize Wheel
    $135- Varies(table top or 6ft stand)