Creature Crunch Carnival Game Rental

Creature Crunch Carnival Game Rentals In Chicagoland & Its Suburbs

The Creature Crunch carnival game rental will bring an out of this world fun look to your next carnival, Fun Fair or outer space themed party. A one-eyed, purple spotted space creature is the backdrop for this fun tossing game. Players will test their throwing skills by tossing colorful bean bags to try to get them into the friendly alien’s mouth, while they try to avoid the teeth that block the way!  Try using a soft lob or side arm throw to slip the bean bags into the mouth opening.

Creature Crunch Carnival Game RentalCombine our Creature Crunch carnival game rental with our other cosmic, space themed or other fun carnival games to create your own custom games package. Creature Crunch comes with colorful striped skirting that surrounds the base of the game to complete the festive look. Add a colorful moonwalk or fun food machine to round out your party activities. Whether your party is indoors or outside we have just the right games for you.

We recommend that players that try the Creature Crunch carnival game rental be at least 4 years old and older. Players will need to be able to toss with accuracy to get the bean bags in the target area. Throw lines can be adjusted to fit the age or skill of the player if needed.

To play Creature Crunch carnival game rental we require a space of at least 4 ft wide x 8 ft long to play comfortably.

Take advantage of the many years of experience that we have in planning School Carnivals, Fun Fairs, Festivals and residential parties. Our staff of event planners can help coordinate all of your party needs whether you are in Carol Stream, Naperville, Chicago or Elmwood Park. Our vast inventory of items will add the wow factor you need to make your event memorable!

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