Dino Ring Toss Carnival Game

Dino Ring Toss Carnival Game Rental

Dino Ring Toss Carnival Game Our Dino Ring Toss carnival game rental will take you back in time to a pre-historic era where dinosaurs roamed the earth. The 3 dimensional style of this game features a long necked Patagosaurus that peers out from the jungle background. Players will test their tossing skills by throwing safe rubber rings to try to land one around the dinosaur’s curved neck. This colorful bin game comes complete with striped skirting to surround the base of the game for a festive look at your Fun Fair or carnival event. Combine the Dino Ring Toss carnival game rental with our other jungle or dinosaur themed games such as Sabertooth Sneak, Dino Putt golf or Tiki Man Toss to create a custom package for your next event. Add our Dinosaur or Jungle themed moon walk and some fun food machines, and you will have a custom package that is sure to create a memorable event. The target age group for playing Dino Ring Toss would be at least 4 years old and up. Players will need to have some skill at throwing a ring and accuracy to land around the target area. Throw lines can be adjusted for the skill and age of the player. We recommend a space of at least 4 ft wide X 8 ft long to play the Dino Ring Toss carnival rental game comfortably. Throwing lines can be adjusted to fit with the age and skill of each player if needed. The Fun Ones has full staff of event planners that can take the work out of planning your School Fun Fair, Church Festival, Purim Carnival or residential party. Take advantage of our years of experience to help you plan your next event in Chicago, Arlington Heights, Palatine or Carol Stream. We can help make your event a Fun One!

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