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Our Aurora Carnival Game Rental selections include many games, but our Wreck N Ball is definitely one of the popular ones! Try our Wreck N Ball carnival game rental for a challenging and unique game of skill. Players swing a baseball attached to a chain and try to knock over a pyramid of stacked dice blocks. The careful aim, choosing just the right angle and accurate timing is a must to win this game. The Wreck N Ball carnival game rental is a favorite with the older players, but the young ones can give it a try too. Wreck N Ball needs a table to be provided by the customer for easy setup.

Combine the Wreck N Ball carnival game rental with some of our other exciting Aurora Carnival Game Rental to create a custom games package for your next School Carnival or Fun Fair. Add on one or two of our fun food machines and some interactive inflatables for a complete package. We can provide just what you need for any space or budget. Ask about our custom prize packages for redemption or to hand out prizes at each game.

The recommended target age to play the Wreck N Ball carnival game rental would be age 8 and up. Players will need concentration and an accurate aim to knock over the blocks. Adding an extra swing for the younger players can help them beat the odds on this one. The setup line for the stack of blocks can be adjusted if needed to fit the age and skill of the player. The skills required for this game will not pertain to all the games in our Aurora Carnival Game Rental selection, these will vary.

Please allow a space of at least 4 ft wide x 4 ft wide to play the Wreck N Ball game comfortably. Be sure to add a little extra room for those that would like to watch the action on this challenging game. This will not pertain to all of the games in our Aurora Carnival Game Rental selection, this will vary from game to game.

Let our experienced staff of event planners help you choose just the right items for your next School Carnival, Fun Fair, church festival or birthday party. Whether your event is in Naperville, Aurora, Addison or Carol Stream, we offer a full line of services that will be just right for you. We offer over 150 games to choose from in all price ranges and for age levels. Let The Fun Ones put the fun back into your event!

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