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Players test their aim by tossing three bean bags at the ducks lined up in two rows on this colorful bin-style game. Choose from our Aurora Carnival Games-Quack Attack rental for a fun throwing game at your next Fun Fair or carnival event. These rubber duckies are out of the bath and ready to play! Hinges on each of the ducks will make it easier for the volunteer to re-set the game after each turn. Please provide a table for easy setup.

Combine the Quack Attack carnival game rental with some of our other exciting games to create your own custom games package. Try our Duck Pond Deluxe or Pluck Duck games for more ducky fun! The Fun Ones also has a full line of fun food machines and inflatable activities that will complete your festival, School Carnival, Fun Fair or residential family party needs. Our prize packages can coordinate with your game themes or budget and will take the work out of providing prizes for your event.

The target age recommended playing the Aurora Carnival Games-Quack Attack rental would be 5 years old and up. Players will need some skill and accuracy and enough strength in the throw to knock the ducks over. We recommend a lob or side arm toss to knock over the ducks. Your volunteers can adjust the throw lines to fit the skill or age of the player if needed.

We recommend that a space of 4 ft wide X 8 ft long be provided to play the Aurora Carnival Games-Quack Attack rental comfortably. The Fun Ones will provide all game pieces needed to play the game.

The Fun Ones offers a staff of experienced event planners that can assist you with your next event in Addison, Naperville, Aurora or Chicago. We can help you plan a complete School Fun Fair, Purim Carnival, birthday party or festival. Even though we do offer Aurora Carnival Game rentals, be sure to call today to see if we service your town!

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