Lumberjack Axe Throw

The long awaited Lumberjack Axe Throw Inflatable is here! Axe throwing is one of the newest fads in bars in Chicago and we now have the inflatable version so all ages can enjoy it.  Just like in real Axe Throwing competitions, There are two targets side by side for competitors to watch each other.  The aim of the game is to throw your axe and get as close to the “bulls eye” as you can!  The rules for distance is no closer than 12 feet when you release the Axe.

Here at The Fun Ones safety is our priority so the Lumberjack axe throw inflatable is safe for any event.  Challenge a friends or family member and see who can get a bulls eye first. You can also see who can get the most bulls eyes in a certain amount of time. It is easy to play but hard to master. Great fun for young and older lumberjacks alike!

The Axe Throw target is made of velcro and when the axe is thrown correctly it will stick. Our special velcro axes are weighted perfectly so that they will spin and stick when thrown correctly.

The Lumberjack Axe Throw Inflatable is perfect for your next company picnic, birthday party, high school lock in, youth group, corporate event, and much more! We do service the entire Chicagoland area including Wheaton, Naperville, Evanston, Schaumburg and Downtown Chicago.

The Axe Throw Inflatable does not come with our staff.  We can supply staff if you want everyone to participate in your event.  Our trained staff can deliver, set up, Staff and pick up this inflatable for your convenience. If our staff is not requested, adult supervision is required to run this inflatable.

Besides Axe Throwing, we have hundreds of other items to entertain your guests and make memories they will cherish forever.  We can also supply all your tent, table, and chair needs.

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