Bozo Buckets Carnival Game


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Bozo Buckets Carnival Game rental, named for everyone’s favorite clown, is fun and an affordable game. Perfect addition to any birthday party, Fun Fair or carnival event. Six buckets are lined up in a row challenging players to toss a ping pong ball to land in each bucket. Small prizes can be assigned to the easy levels, and larger prizes can be awarded as the player tries for the higher numbers.

The Fun Ones is bound to have the perfect game for your next Fun Fair, carnival, themed or corporate event since we have the largest selection of games in the Midwest. We also provide custom packages, so if you have a specific theme or would like certain equipment at your next event, we can certainly build a package that would accommodate your event the best! Call today to book your next event and hear what recommendations we have for you.

Bozo Buckets Carnival Game rental Requirements: Anywhere where there is space really! Very easy to carry and maneuver to any desired location!

Targeted Audience: Bozo Buckets Carnival Game is perfect for ages 3 and up. This game is sure to bring back memories and will help to create new ones!


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