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A caricature artist specializes in bringing out your most prominent features out  in your own custom cartoon character. Your personality, hobbies, lifestyle, achievements, special moments, hair styles, favorite colors, and many other facets your life can be reflected in this drawing. These drawings end up being great keepsakes and serve as a great reminder of the event and the fun time you had.

Our caricature artists are very experienced, with hundreds of events and clients under their belts. They show up on time, dressed appropriately, and with an enthusiastic and friendly attitude.

We accept caricature artist and other performer bookings for events around the Greater Houston area, as well as plenty of other towns. You can find a full list of our areas of service in the footer of the site. Booking a caricature artist through is is simple – just head on over to our contact us page and fill out the form, or give us a call! We’ll walk you through the whole process.

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