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A wacky and colorful clown is the perfect touch to any event. With over-the-top charm and infectious antics, our clowns will put a smile on everyone’s face! Hiring a clown is a great way to entertain groups of kids and keep them occupied for hours on end. Clowns have been used as a form of entertainment ever since the middle ages, and now you can continue this old tradition at your event!

Not only are our clowns entertaining, but they are extremely professional and reliable, with hundreds of events under their belt. All of our performers – be they jugglers, fortune tellers, magicians, or DJs – show up on time, in the proper attire, and with an enthusiastic and eager attitude.

Hiring a clown or other performers from The Fun Ones is easy – just head on over to our Contact Us page and fill out the form detailing what kind of event you’re hosting, where the venue is, and which of our equipment or services you’re interested in. We’ll guide you through the rest from there. You can use our in-built site form, send us an email, or give us a call. It’s up to you!

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