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For your next Fun Fair in Naperville, Chicago or the surrounding suburbs, try our Touchdown carnival game rental for an exciting football experience. The Fun Ones has some of the most unique carnival games in our inventory that are sure to be a hit with your guests at any Fun Fair, Sports Themed event or Carnival. Players toss mini foam footballs over the goalpost to see if they can land one in any of the three helmets. One of the targets is our local team and the others are rival teams to make this more exciting. Players will need some throwing skills to be successful at Touchdown.

Combine the Touchdown carnival game rental with some of our other football or sports games to create a custom package for your Fun Fair in Naperville, Aurora, Chicago or the surrounding suburbs. Our Quarterback Toss or 1st Down Football toss would coordinate nicely with Touchdown. Add in some fun food machines to create your own concession stand. We also offer a wide variety of interactive inflatable activities that are sure to make your Fun Fair or Carnival memorable.

The Target age group to play Touchdown would be at least 6 years old and up. Players will need to have some throwing skills to be able to land the footballs in the target area. Volunteers can allow the younger players to move up closer to adjust for their age and skill level.

Please allow a space of at least 6 feet long by 4 feet wide to play the Touchdown carnival game rental comfortably. We recommend placing the game in a corner or along a wall to keep the footballs within reach of the volunteer. The Fun Ones provides all the game pieces needed to play this game.

Let the experienced event planners at The Fun Ones help make your next Fun Fair in Naperville or the surrounding area a success. Our wide selection of games and activities will engage your guests for hours helping make your event profitable and memorable at the same time!

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