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The Pluck A Duck electric carnival game rental is a motorized version of the standard Duck Pond that circulates the colorful ducks to create a traditional carnival feel that will fit in smaller spaces. You will need to provide a source of electricity and water that would be required to run the motor and fill the pond. The water will also need to be removed at the end of the event.

Players at the Pluck A Duck carnival game rental try their luck by choosing a duck from the pond, and if it is marked on the bottom they are a winner! Pluck A Duck electric carnival game is setup on the floor for younger players to easily grab their winning duck. We recommend having a large number of small prizes on hand as approximately 120 players per hour can be expected at this popular game. We recommend that the target age to play the Pluck A Duck electric carnival game rental be at least 3 years old and up. Players do not need any specific skills to play. They only need to pick out a lucky duck from the pond.

Please allow a space of 4 ft wide X 4 ft long to play Pluck A Duck. This game will be filled with water so it is also recommended that it be placed in a location that is “water-friendly”. It will take about 2-3 gallons of water to fill the pond area.

Create your own custom games package with Pluck A Duck and any of our other Fun Fair or carnival favorites. For a larger version of Pluck, A Duck carnival game rental tries our Duck Pond Deluxe. To create a complete School Carnival or Fun Fair package, you can add some of our fun food machines or a colorful inflatable playground or moonwalk from our large selection of inflatable activities, and even more electric carnival games!

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