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Pop A Shot is a fast paced basketball game where excitement builds as time is running down. It can be played by all different ages and skill levels.

The same game you play with your friends at the arcade or sports place can be rented for home or a special event. The Pop A Shot game is made for 2 people to play side by side. You get 30 seconds to make as many baskets as possible. Made baskets are worth 2 points each until there are 10 seconds left on the clock. When 10 seconds are left, baskets are worth 3 points each. Your goal is not only to beat your opponent, but also to score more than 30 points so that you can get extended play. After reaching 30 points or more you are awarded an extra 15 seconds on the clock. During these 15 seconds baskets are worth 3 points apiece. If you are a great shooter and hits 90 points or more you will get an additional 10 seconds with each basket counting 3 points each.

Pop A Shot Rental Includes:

  • Pop A Shot frame with 2 hoops
  • Miniature size Basket Balls

At The Fun Ones we carry a wide variety of arcade and carnival games. We have an inflatable Pop A Shot basketball game, dart boards, mini hoop games and games like tip a troll and more.

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