World Class Bowling Arcade


World Class Bowling Arcade by Incredible Technologies is a highly realistic bowling arcade game. You can play up to 4-players against each other. The game plays just like you are really bowling. You use the trackball to roll the ball down the alley and try to get a strike. You can put a curve on the ball or send it straight down the middle of the lane. World Class Bowling has great graphics. Whether you are trying to beat your high score or your opponent’s score, you’ll have a blast playing World Class Bowling.

If you like World Class Bowling Arcade machine, you’ll love the Golden Tee Golf arcade game. Incredible Technologies, maker of World Class Bowling, also makes Golden Tee Golf. Golden Tee is similar to World Class Bowling Arcade because you use a trackball to control the flight of the ball. You can create a hook or a slice and even put backspin on your ball. Up to 4 players can play and compete for the lowest score. There are amateur courses as well as a number of professional courses to choose from.

If you are a true sports fan and want a little more action, try our Rush 2049 driving arcade game. The most polished sit down driving game available is San Francisco Rush 2049. The game features significantly improved graphics over its predecessors, plus five new futuristic circuit tracks and cars. The goal is to collect gold and silver coins to unlock additional race and stunt courses. But what really sets it apart from the pack are the game’s massively addictive Stunt and Battle Modes, both of which support network more for head to head driving competition. Look out for side street short cuts and smash and crash into your opponents. You can also perform wild, daring wheelies, jumps, and rolls on stunt courses and try to land safely to accumulate points.

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