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If you are planning a School Carnival or Fun Fair in Naperville, let The Fun Ones help with game rentals like our Punk Rack to bring the excitement to your next event. Our Punk Rack is a high action, traditional three level free standing game with a wood frame and easy re-set bar that your volunteers will love. The Punk Rack carnival game rental is a test of throwing accuracy that will add a wow factor to your next Festival or Carnival event. Players toss soft foam balls at the targets to try to knock over at least one of the fuzzy timed “punks”. Place this game in a corner of your event space, or in an area where guests will not walk through the throwing line.

Combine the Punk Rack carnival game rental with some of our other fun games of skill and luck to create a custom games package for your next School Carnival in Naperville or the surrounding suburbs. We also offer other sizes of this activity like the Deluxe Fat Cats for a larger game, or regular tabletop Fat Cats for smaller spaces. Add in some of our fun food machines and interactive inflatable activities for a complete event package sure to make your event memorable.

The target age group to play the Punk Rack carnival game would be age 8 and up. Players will need to throw accurately and with enough force to knock over the targets. The throwing lines may be adjusted if needed to suit the age and skill level of the player if needed.

Please allow a space of at least 6 feet wide by 10 feet long to play the Punk Rack game safely and comfortably. We provide all the game pieces needed to play this game.

Let the experienced event planners at The Fun Ones help plan your next School Carnival in Naperville, Chicago or the surrounding suburbs. We offer ready-made or custom games or event packages to fit any space or budget. Please give us a call to plan your event and we will help make it a Fun One!

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