Shooting Gallery


Introducing the newest edition to The Fun Ones Inventory: The Shooting Gallery! This interactive inflatable game is sure to bring out the competitive side in all of your guests. It’s a new and improved twist on the classic shooting ranges that are so popular. Take it to the next level with this modern version! We have incorporated our new touch light target technology. The different targets light up and switch around. When you use the Nerf guns to shoot the targets the lights turn off when hit. When you successfully hit a light up target your teams gets a point.  It is perfect for a birthday party, company party, backyard party, school lock in, and more!

How to play:

There are two teams, red and blue, and the object is to hit as many targets of your color before the time runs out. Use the nerf guns, that are loaded with ball bullets, to shoot the targets. Our electronic score board for the shooting gallery keeps score for you. The Shooting Gallery includes everything you need: the nerf guns, protective eye gear, score board, and the re-loadable bullets.

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