Carnival Games for Events in Chicago, IL & All Surrounding Suburbs

Carnival GamesIf you’re searching for a company to provide carnival games for your upcoming event in Chicago, Illinois, or any of the surrounding suburbs, look no further than The Fun Ones. We have a simply unparalleled amount of games and other entertainment rentals for you to choose from, and will take care of the delivery, setup, and takedown of everything we provide for your event. To help you plan for your carnival, one of our certified event planners can take a look at your budget and put together a package that includes everything you need to ensure your event is a success and all of the guests have fun. Whether you’re planning a school fundraiser, a community festival, a church event, or any other type of party, we have the necessary experience help you throw an event people will be talking about for years.

Just some of the different carnival games you can choose from for your upcoming event in Chicago, IL, include:

  • Dunk tank rentals
  • Duck pond games
  • Skee ball
  • Adult or junior hi strikers
  • Color wheel games
  • Putt N Win golf games
  • Horse shoe games
  • And so much more

In addition to carnival games, we can also provide any additional rentals you may need, such as prize equipment, food and drink machines, festival tents, seating, tables, and much more. We also have entertainment options, such as carnival rides, bounce houses, obstacle course rentals, moonwalks, photobooths, and arcade games.

For more information about having carnival games from The Fun Ones at your next event, please contact us today. We proudly serve events in Chicago, IL, and all of the surrounding suburbs.

  • Mindwinder
    $1,395 32'Lx32'Wx12'H
  • Glow Golf Rental: Rent a 9 Hole Glow Golf mini putt putt course
  • old fashioned prize wheel rental Chicago
    Vintage Prize Wheel
    $95- 30" diameter
  • Shooting Gallery
    $695 - 15'Lx18'Wx9'H
  • Money Machine Rental
    Hard Case Money Machine Rental
    $595- 4'Lx3'Wx7'H
  • Field Goal Challenge
    $495 30Lx20Hx18W
  • Pop A Shot Electric ($195)
    $195- 8'Lx4'Wx6'H
  • Pony Derby Race
    $395- 35'Lx19'Wx9'H
  • carnival games
    Midway Inflatable Carnival Deluxe Game
    $396 - 34 L x 19 W x 14 H
  • 6 N 1 Sports Center
    $395- 24'Lx17'Wx13'H
  • Carnival Midway Games
    $395 FOR SALE: $1495
  • Lumberjack Axe Throw Inflatable
    $395 - 20'Lx11.5'Wx9.5'H
  • Dunk Tank Rental
    Deluxe Dunk Tank ($325)
    $325- 10'Lx15'Wx8'H
  • indoor dunk tank rental
    Silly Shower Indoor/Outdoor Dunking Booth
    $295- 10'Lx8'Wx7'H
  • The Vault Money Machine
    $250- 6'Lx5'Wx7'H
  • Money Blowing Machine
    $250- 6'Lx5'Wx7'H
  • Cow Milking
    $245- 7'Lx7'Wx7'H
  • 1st Down Football Toss
    $195- 16'Lx14'Wx17'H
  • Dunk Tank Rental
    Dunk Tank Traditional
    $225- 5'Wx5'Lx7'H
  • LED Prize wheel rental Chicago
    LED Prize Wheel
  • Batter Up Tee Ball Game
    $195- 21'Lx14'Wx13'6H
  • inflatable tic tac toe game
    Giant 4 Spot / Tic Tac Toe
    $195- 8’Lx6'5'’Wx10’H
  • 11 ft Adult Hi Striker
    $195- 8'Lx8'Wx11'H
  • Fat Cats Deluxe Carnival Game Rental
  • Inflatable Tee Ball Game
    $185- 15'Lx15'Wx10'H
  • Indoor/Outdoor Carnival Booth Rental
    $175 each
  • Inflatable Pop A Shot Rental
    $165- 9'Lx9'Wx8'H
  • Cash Cube Rental
    $145- 4'Lx3'Wx7'H
  • Inflatable Soccer Kick
    $145- 65'Lx17'Wx27'H
  • Golf Challenge Rental
    $145- 7'LX7'WX7'H
  • Bingo Blower Machine / Lottery Machine
  • Money Prize Wheel 6 Foot Stand
    $135- 3'Wx6'H
  • Alien Heads
    Alien Heads- Carnival Game Rentals
    $125- 30"Lx41"Wx32"H - Requires Table
  • 5 foot Kiddie Hi Striker
    $115- 6'Lx6'Wx6'H
  • clown striker carnival game Chicago
    5 foot Clown Kids Striker
    $115- 6'Lx6'Wx6'H
  • 5 foot Fire Bell Kids Striker
    $115- 6'Lx6'Wx6'H
  • 5 foot Gator Kiddie Striker
    $115- 6'Lx6'Wx6'H
  • Oswego carnival games
    Lollipop Tower Carnival Game
    $25 - 16" X 16" X 34"
  • Putt For Par
    Putt For Par Golf Game Rental
    $65- 48"Lx52"Wx6"H
  • Party Rentals
    Boom Blaster Pair Carnival Game
    $95 for the pair- 6'Lx4'W
  • catch a critter carnival game Chicago
    Catch A Critter Toss Carnival Game
    $55- 4'Lx4'W
  • Giant Plinko
    Giant Plinko Carnival Game
    $75- 2'Lx2.5'Wx5 'H
  • Double Spin Art Carnival Game Rental
  • frog carnival game rental
    Feed The Frog Carnival Game
    $95- 7'Lx7'Wx7'H
  • Carnival Games
    Alien Invasion Carnival Game
    $95- 7'Lx7'Wx7'H
  • Flap Attack
    $95 6'L x 2'W x 10"H
  • Streetskee
    $95 6'L x 2'W x 11"H
  • Strike Zone Carnival Game
  • Quarterback Toss Rental
    $95- 7'LX7'WX7'H
  • Soccer Kick Rental
    $95- 7'LX7'WX7'H
  • Baseball Toss Rental
    $95- 7'LX7'WX7'H
  • Penguin Fish Fling
    Penguin Fish Fling Rental
    $95- 7'LX7'WX7'H
  • Hockey Slapshot Rental
    $95- 5'LX5'WX5'H
  • Can Smash Cage Carnival Game
    Can Smash Cage Carnival Game
    $75- 23"Lx24"Wx25"H -Requires Table
  • Tin Pan Alley Carnival Game Rental
    Tin Pan Alley Carnival Game Rental
    $55- 59"Lx35"Wx9"H
  • Angry bird
    Angry Bird Launch Carnival Game
    $75- 5'x2'x3'
  • carnival games in Chicago
    Bring Home The Bacon Carnival Game Rental
    $95- 57"LX30"WX10"H -Requires Table
  • Spin And Win Carnival Game Rental
    Spin And Win Carnival Game Rental
    $45- 57"Lx50"W - Requires Table
  • duck pond deluxe
    Duck Pond Deluxe Carnival Game
    $75- 4'x2'x3'
  • Frog Flinger carnival game
    Frog Flinger Table Carnival Game
    $75- 8ftL x 3ftW
  • Bull Ringer Carnival Game
    Bull Ringer Carnival Game
    $75- 2'Lx2'Wx2'H - Requires Table
  • Bumper Car Carnival Rental
    Bumper Car Carnival Rental
    $75- 96"Lx12"Wx8"H - Requires Table
  • Bowling table carnival game
    Bowling Carnival Game
    $75- 6'x3'x4'
  • Rebound Carnival Game
    Rebound Shuffle Board Carnival Game
    $75- 72"Lx22"Wx6"H
  • Crazy Driver Carnival Game
    Crazy Driver Carnival Game
    $75- 5'L'2'Wx2'H - Requires Table
  • Cosmic Bowling
    Cosmic Bowling Carnival Game
    $75- 8'Lx3'W
  • Roller Bowler Double Carnival Game
    $75- 5'Lx2'Wx3'H
  • Franklin Frog Carnival Game Rental
    Franklin Frog Carnival Game Rental
    $65- 12"Lx28"Wx49"H
  • Anti Gravity
    Anti Gravity Carnival Game
    $75- 6'Lx3'Wx4'H
  • Three Clown Toss Carnival Rental
    Three Clown Toss Carnival Rental
    $55- 5ftLX5ftW - Requires Table
  • Big Bear Bell Banger Carnival Rental
    Big Bear Bell Banger Carnival Rental
    $45- 12"Lx26"Wx49"H
  • Skee Ball Fishing
    Skee Ball Fishing
    $75- 5'Lx2'Wx3'H
  • Rope ‘Em & Brand ‘Em
    Rope ‘Em & Brand ‘Em
    $65- 14"Lx46"Wx30"H - Requires Table
  • Spill The Milk Carnival Game Rental
    Spill The Milk Carnival Game Rental
    $65- 28"Lx34"Wx35"H
  • pig races carnival game
    Pig Races Carnival Game
    $95- 5'Lx2'Wx3'H
  • Crossbow & Buffalo Carnival Game
    Crossbow & Buffalo Carnival Game
    $65- 14"Lx48"Wx34"H - Requires Table
  • Apple Smack
    Apple Smack
    $55- 30"x34" - Requires Table
  • Lollipop Tree
    Lollipop Tree Carnival Rental
    $55- 14"Lx24"Wx49"H
  • Touchdown Carnival Game
    Touchdown Football Carnival Game Rental
    $55- 62"Lx36"Wx52"H
  • Dice Roll Carnival Game
    Dice Roll Carnival Game
    $45- 43"Lx25"Wx8"H - Requires Table
  • Spin Art Single Carnival Game Rental
  • Crazy Hat Wooden Carnival Game
  • ice cream carnival game
    Ice Cream Madness Rental
    $75- 5'Lx2'Wx3'H
  • Peg A Parrot
    Peg A Parrot Carnival Game Rental
    $75- 6'Lx4'Wx4'H
  • Miniature Golf
    Miniature Golf
    $65- 8'Lx2.5'Wx2'H
  • Snowman Toss Game
    $55- 29"Lx28"Wx45"H
  • Ring Toss Carnival Game Rental
    $55- 27"Lx29"Wx34"H
  • Shuffle Board Carnival Game
    Shuffle Board Carnival Game
    $45- 7'Lx3'Wx4'H - Requires Table
  • Shoot The Puck
    Shoot The Puck
    $45- 7'Lx4'W- Requires Table
  • Color Wheel Carnival Game
    $55- 27"Lx29"Wx34"H
  • Quack Attack Carnival Rental
  • Carnival Game-Mini Hoops
    $55- 29"Lx20"Wx47"H
  • Frisbee Toss Carnival Game Rental
    Frisbee Toss Carnival Game Rental
    $45- 6'Lx2'Wx3'H
  • Sabertooth Sneak Golf
    Sabertooth Sneak Golf
    $55- 8'Lx2.5'Wx2'H
  • Rainbow Roll Carnival Game
    Rainbow Roll Carnival Game
    $45- 5'x2'x1' - Requires Table
  • Eye Carumba Golf Carnival Rental
    Eye Carumba Golf Carnival Rental
    $55- 8'Lx2.5'Wx2'H
  • Shuffle Alley Carnival Game
    Shuffle Alley Carnival Game
    $45- 5'Lx2'Wx1'H - Requires Table
  • Tower Golf Carnival Game Rental
    Tower Golf Carnival Game Rental
    $55- 8'Lx2.5'Wx2'H
  • Ball Roll Carnival Game
    Ball Roll Carnival Game
    $45- 5'Lx2'Wx1'H - Requires Table
  • Spill The Paint Carnival Game Rental
    Spill The Paint Carnival Game Rental
    $45- 23"Lx24"Wx16"H
  • Dino Putt Golf Carnival Rental
    Dino Putt Golf Carnival Rental
    $55- 8'Lx2.5'Wx2'H
  • Tip A Troll Carnival Game
    Tip A Troll Carnival Game
    $55- 10"LX28"WX32"H
  • Say Ahh Golf Carnival Rental
    Say Ahh Golf Carnival Rental
    $55- 8'Lx2.5'Wx2'H
  • Trunk Toss Carnival Rental
    $55- 28"Lx29"Wx44"H
  • Big Mouth Carnival Game Rental
    Big Mouth Carnival Game Rental
    $45- 6"Lx24Wx36H
  • Creature Crunch Carnival Game Rental
    $55- 28"Lx29"Wx42"H
  • Dino Ring Toss Carnival Game
    $55- 28"Lx29"Wx44"H
  • Penalty Shot Carnival Game Rental
    $55- 29"Lx29"Wx44"H
  • Wood Tic Tac Toe Carnival Game
    $45- 24"Lx24"Wx14"H
  • Pick A Pop
    Pick A Pop Carnival Game
    $45- 24"Lx24"Wx6"H -
  • Potty Toss Carnival Game Rental
    Potty Toss Carnival Game Rental
    $55- 27"Lx29"Wx18"H
  • Can Smash Carnival Game Rental
    $55- 28"Lx22"Wx34"H
  • Wreck N Ball Carnival Game Rental
    $55- 27"Lx29"Wx46"H
  • Wood Tic Tac Toe
    Ring The Bull Carnival Game Rental
    $45- 26"LX19"WX24"H
  • Stand A Bottle Carnival Rental
    $55- 27"Lx20"Wx34"H
  • Plinko Carnival Game Rental
    $55- 27"Lx29"Wx42"H
  • Football Run Carnival Game Rental
    Football Run Carnival Game Rental
    $25- 62"Lx18"Wx12"H - Requires Table
  • Tic Tac Toe Carnival Rental
    $55- 27"Lx20"Wx34"H
  • Colors Carnival Game Rental
    $55- 27"Lx29"Wx35"H
  • Feed N Time Carnival Game Rental
    $55- 30"Lx29"Wx44"H
  • Horse Shoes Carnival Game
    Horse Shoes Carnival Game
    $55- 28"Lx29"Wx18"H
  • Bull Rope N Carnival Game
    $55- 28"Lx29"Wx42"H
  • Duck Pond Carnival Game
    $55- 28"Lx29"Wx34"H
  • Pluck A Duck Electric Carnival Game Rental
    $55- 27"Lx29"Wx37"H
  • XL Batters Up Carnival Game Rental
    $75- 30"Lx40"Wx51"H
  • Milk Can Toss
  • tic tac toe game rental Chicago
    T-T-T Bean Bag Toss Carnival Game Rental
    $25- 22"LX22"WX8"H
  • Raffle Drum 10,000 Tickets
  • bean bag clown toss carnival game rental Chicago
    Bean Bag Clown Carnival Game Rental
  • Bozo Buckets Carnival Game
  • Floor Hockey
    $55- 4'Lx4'Wx4'H
  • Furious Fowl
    $95- 7'Lx7'Wx7'H
  • carnival game rental Chicago
    Frog Launch Fun Fair Game
    $175 - 8'Lx16'Wx11'H
  • Bunny Buckets Carnival Game
    Bunny Buckets
  • fun fair game rentals Naperville
    Tic Tac Throw
    $175 - 8'Lx16'Wx12'H
  • carnival game rental Chicago
    Carnival Theme Rental- Carnival Multi Game
    $395 - 8'Lx23'Wx11'H
  • Spin Art Single Metal Carnival Game Rental
  • Roller Bowler Wooden Carnival Game
  • Plinko Madness Carnival Game
  • Break a Plate Game
  • Coin Pitch Cats Carnival Game Rental
    Coin Pitch Cats Carnival Game Rental
    $25- 7"X10" Each
  • Pocket Prize Wheel
    $135- Varies(table top or 6ft stand)
  • bell ringer carnival game rental
    Bell Carnival Game
  • western carnival game rental Chicago
    Cactus Toss Carnival Game
    $45 for the set of 2
  • skee ball
    Skee Ball Jr
    $125- 12'Lx5'Wx8'H
  • halloween party rental
    Monster Toss Carnival Game Rental
  • Wizard Wacky Wire
    Wizard Wacky Wire Carnival Game
    $55- 3'Lx3'W- Requires Table
  • Wax Hands
  • Halloween party rentals Chicago
    Pumpkin Buckets
  • Alien Ring Toss Carnival Game Rental
  • carnival game rentals
    Basket Toss Carnival Game Rental
  • Slap Shot Hockey Carnival Game Rental
    $45- 61"Lx18"Wx12"H
  • Gator Toss Carnival Game Rental
    Gator Toss Carnival Game Rental
  • Skee Ball Inflatable
    Skee Ball Inflatable
    $145- 22'Lx6'Wx9'H
  • Lady Bug Toss Carnival Game
  • Raffle Ticket Dispenser
  • Raffle Ticket Rolls Single & Doubles
    $5 or $10
  • Big Splash Dunk Tank
    $195- 20'Lx8'Wx9'H
  • Punk Rack Carnival Game Rental
    $115- 6'Lx6'W'6'H
  • bingo game rental Chicago
    Bingo Game Rental with Master Board & Cards
  • Fat Cats Wood
    Fat Cats Junior Carnival Game Rental
    $75- 6'Lx4'Wx4'H Requires Table