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Galaga is the super smash hit sequel to Galaxian. Galaga made it to the big time as soon as it hit the arcades. People instantly fell in love. Galaga is one of the biggest classic arcade games of all time and is still as popular as ever. If you ask people which arcade games were the biggest in the 80’s, they will probably say, Galaga, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, or Pac Man. Let them know Galaga and more are available for rental and they’ll want to know where they can get them. Our arcade rentals have become oh so popular within the past couple of years! The Fun Ones is the best place in Chicago and surrounding suburbs to find other Galaga and other vintage arcade rentals like Double Dragon, Golden Tee,

The game play is fierce. Enemy alien ships swoop out of the sky firing down at your battleship trying to destroy you. If they can’t shoot you, the ships try to ram you with their own ship or they try to catch you up in their tractor beam.

Playing Galaga will take you back to the glory days of your youth when you spent countless hours and even more quarters trying to get to the bonus round and beat your high score or that of your best friend.

Now you can play Galaga as often as you’d like with no quarters needed. All of our arcade rentals are set to free play so that you and your guests can have hours of entertainment. Whether you’re having a birthday or bar mitzvah, or a college or corporate event just give us a call and let us know how many people will attend and the ages of your guests. We will put together a package with the right number and types of games to make your event a success.

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