Big Buck Hunter Arcade


If you are looking for the ultimate arcade hunting experience in Napervillle, Chicago, or Carol Stream, you should try our Big Buck Hunter World arcade game rental. Big Buck Hunter was released by Play Mechanix, and is one of the newest additions to our extensive arcade inventory.

This game provides a unique game hunting experience with 51 exotic treks and adventures from around the world. The Big Buck Hunter arcade game rental features animation and sounds for lifelike targets, and has coordinating music from each region covering 255 hunting sites. There are 17 native animals from the areas featured as well. Hunters will be challenged to take down only the allowed big game trophy animals, and not the female or doe of the species. Big Buck Hunter also has 77 Crazy Critters and 51 bonus games to make every play unique. The life size guns are pump action to reload between shots.

Choose your location, target species, time of day and weather conditions , to create an added challenge for one or two players on the large screen menu. The graphics on the screen are colorful and will have you feeling like you are out in the wild in search of big game. Big Buck Hunter also offers targets that are not animated, and is a great game for a shooting tournament as well. See who the ultimate hunter will be at your next event.
Big Buck Hunter will require 1 circuit of 20 amps of electricity to power the game, and needs a space of at least 7 ft long by 4 ft wide and 7 ft tall to play comfortably.

The Fun Ones offers a wide variety of other arcade games for your next event in Naperville, Chicago or Carol Stream that will test your skill at shooting or traditional arcade play. Put together your own custom arcade package from our inventory to create a man caveat your next event or arcade room for the night at your location.

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