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When you need Carnival Game Rentals in Carol Stream, West Chicago, Addison, Chicago or any of the surrounding suburbs, The Fun Ones can provide the best selection of games including our Boom Blaster Pair carnival game rental. The Boom Blaster Pair Carnival game is a burst of excitement for any Fun Fair or School Carnival event. Two players race to see who can pump their balloon large enough to pop first! Fast action and fierce competition will keep players coming back for another try. We provide the first 100 balloons with the rental for the first 50 races. Additional sets of Boom Blasters are available to create a 4-person race to double the excitement. Set up is on the floor to make this fun for all ages! You may need to provide additional balloons to keep the action going, we recommend 100 for each hour and a half of action per set.

Combine the Boom Blaster Pair carnival game with some of our other competitive games to create your own custom games package for your next. Many fun food machines are also available to create a concession stand sure to please your guests. Add some of our interactive inflatable activities to complete your event package.

The target age group to play Boom Blaster Pair would be at least 6 years old and up. Players will need to be able to use the pump to fill their balloon and have enough endurance to last through the race. You can group players of similar age together for a fair competition.

Please allow a space of at least 6 feet wide by 4 feet long to play Boom Blaster Pair comfortably. The first 100 balloons will be included in the rental. Additional balloons are available for a reasonable cost, or you may provide any additional 12 inch balloons on your own.

Let our team of experienced event planners help make your next event a success. When looking for the best carnival game rentals in Carol Stream, West Chicago, Addison, Chicago or any of the surrounding suburbs call The Fun Ones to be sure your Fun Fair, School Carnival or festival is a Fun One!

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