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Our Pick A Pop carnival game rental is sure to be a crowd pleaser at your next Chicago School Carnival or a Fun Fair in any of the surrounding towns and suburbs. Fill up the 484 spaces with your favorite lollipops or suckers and watch the players flock to this sweet game. Lollipops not included.

Pick A Pop does not require any special skills to win. Your volunteers will need to mark 1 in every 6 pops with a red or other colored marker to show which ones are winners. They will then fill the game board with pops placing the winners at random among the suckers. Players pick out a pop from the game board, and if they choose one with a marked stick, they win! If the end is not marked, the player will win the pop. Be sure to have a good supply of suckers, as this tends to be a very popular game. A table is required for the set up of Pick A Pop carnival game rental.

Create a delicious custom games package by adding some of our other fun games like Lollipop Tree or Lucky Sucker. We also offer a great selection of sweet concession treats like Cotton Candy and Candy Art for a candy themed event. Add in some other games and inflatable activities for a custom event package sure to please your guests at a Chicago School Carnival or any event you may plan.

The target age group for playing the Pick A Pop carnival game rental would be at least 4 years old and up. Depending on the size of the lollipops you purchase, there may be a suggested age recommended for eating the pops.

Please allow a space of 6 feet wide by 4 ft long to play the Pick A Pop game. You may need to allow a little extra room to accommodate the line of hungry players! A 6-foot long table is required for the set up of this game.

The experienced event planners at The Fun Ones can help you pick out just the right games and activities for your next Chicago School Carnival, Fun Fair or special birthday party. Our affordable delivery rates and friendly service are sure to help your group with fundraising or just a fun event.. Let us help take the work out of your next event and make it a Fun One!

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