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Donkey Kong arcade is a very popular 80’s classic arcade game. Donkey Kong has escaped from the zoo and kidnapped Mario’s girlfriend, Pauline. Unfortunately, it’s still the 80’s and Mario doesn’t even have a name yet so we just call him Jumpman. Donkey Kong takes Pauline on a harrowing trip toward the top of a structure on a construction site. Every time Donkey Kong climbs to the next level, Jumpman must pursue him trying to free Pauline once and for all.

The game is divided into four different one-screen stages. Each represents 25 meters of the structure Donkey Kong has climbed. As Jumpman chases Donkey Kong up the structure he must jump over or hammer barrels tossed by Donkey Kong. The hero must also avoid fireballs which generate when barrels run into the oil drum at the bottom of the site.

This action continues until Mario successfully reaches screen four of each level. Once there Jumpman must remove the eight rivets that are supporting the I beam that Donkey Kong is standing on. Removing the rivets causes Donkey Kong to fall and Jumpman is reunited with Pauline although only momentarily. Donkey Kong will recover and grab Pauline again, climb higher, and the action begins all over again.

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