2 Person Inflatable Rock Climbing Wall


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This 28 Foot tall Inflatable rock climbing wall is great for indoor and outdoor use. If outdoor weather is not favorable, set it up indoors. This rock wall has real rock hand grips and auto belay systems.

Our commitment to safety is our number one priority. This commitment is accomplished with an intelligent and trained staff of professionals, who use the finest grade of equipment available with redundant safety procedures. We use safety precautions and methods that are proven standards to this industry.

Our rock wall comes with auto belay devices. An auto belay device was designed for the recreational rock climbing industry. The device provides a hands free belay for the climber, thereby eliminating the need for an additional climber or attendant to serve as belayer. Our staff members are free to coach climbers as they ascend the wall. This is a great feature when working with kids.

We offer the following event options with Trained Staff – Hourly Rental, Climbing Wall Sponsor, or Charge per Climb.


Climber Weight Limits: 45lbs to 250lbs
Area Requirement: 30′ x 40′ area

Wall Features:

  • 28 Feet Tall
  • Automatic Self-belay system for each lane
  • Real Rock Hand Holds
  • 2 Attendants
  • Child and Adult Climbing Harnesses

Benefits of an Inflatable Rock Wall Rental:

There are many benefits to our inflatable rock wall compared to the hard rock wall.

  • The surface of the inflatable rock wall is smooth and prevents climbers from getting any abrasions on their legs.
  • Even though it is an inflatable surface, it has the same hand holds that hard rock walls have.
  • This wall can be setup indoors and outdoors.
  • This wall does not require an additional vehicle to tow it into place, so there is no additional delivery costs.
  • The graphics are second to none. It brings a WOW factor to any event.

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