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Having a mechanical bull ride at your event will guarantee laughs, smiles, and memories which will last a lifetime. Bring the excitement that can only happen while trying to ride a Mechanical bull. Whether you are having a backyard party, company picnic, festival, high school lock-in, college rush party, or a western theme party, a mechanical bull will be the center of attention. The concept of riding a mechanical bull is to give its riders the sensation of riding a bucking animal without the unpredictable danger of a real animal. Sometimes people will refer to a mechanical bull like a rodeo bull.

Our Deluxe Mechanical bull is our most popular of all our bulls due to the western theme bull arena. This arena is designed to be a western corral with two cow skulls hanging on the side. The rest of the arena has a corral fence with a gate to allow the riders to enter and exit. The bull itself is completely covered from head to tail in real cowhide and a rubber head for safety. When you want the most authentic western party attraction, this is the mechanical bull for you. It provides a great photo opportunity even for those who choose not to ride.

Here is what you can expect when renting a mechanical bull ride from The Fun Ones. Each of our bulls comes with a mechanical base that contains two variable speed electric motors. Each motor is equipped with a “Quick Stop” feature that helps ensure the safety of the riders. It is the quick stop functionality that allows the operator to stop the ride when it appears the rider may fall off. It is important to note that we run these bulls for entertainment purposes and safety is our number 1 priority. We will use the quick stop when it looks like the rider may fall off. We do not run the bulls with the intention of throwing riders off the bull. Each bull also comes with an inflatable base to absorb any falls.

Bull Requirements: Each bull requires (2) 20 amp circuits from wall outlets or from a gas generator (for outdoor use only) and a minimum 1 trained Fun Ones operator.

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