Mind Winder Swing


If you’re interested in bringing a thrill ride to your next event, the Mind Winder is for you! Hold on tight and try not to scream as the Mind Winder swings around, faster and faster until you feel some of the most G-force you’ve ever felt in your life! If you hang on and survive the dizzying ride you may be glad to get back on land as soon as you can or maybe you can’t wait to get back on and go for another ride. Check our Mind Winder video below!

Rental Price includes up to 4 hours with our staff included. Delivery and staff travel expenses are additional based on the distance.

When you want good, clean, fun, look no further than The Fun Ones for carnival rides. We rent out the Pirates Revenge Carnival Ride Rental to Chicago and surrounding suburbs such as Naperville, Aurora, Wheaton, and Glen Ellyn. We carry a full selection of carnival rides for your festival, company picnic, or fair. One of the newest additions to our lineup is the Pirates Revenge.

Looking for more exciting rides? Try our new Spin Jammer ride. This ride is even more thrilling than the Pirates Revenge. The Spin Jammer spins around like a top while swinging back and forth through the air. See if you’re brave enough to try it again and again.

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