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Our Centipede Plus Arcade Game has four different games in one standing cabinet. The games include:

  • Let’s Go Bowling
  • Centipede
  • Millipede
  • Missile Command

Each game has its own unique features. The first game in the Centipede Plus Arcade is the Let’s Go Bowling. In Let’s Go Bowling, you race against the clock and try to roll your ball before the timer runs out. Hook the ball on the right or left, or send your ball as straight down the middle of the lane doing your best to score a strike. If you should miss, you always have a second chance to pick up the spare. All it takes is a little practice and soon you will be bowling a perfect game.

The Centipede Plus Game also has the Millipede and Centipede. These are similar games in that the object of the game is to destroy the Millipede or Centipede as it descends toward you from the top of the screen. The insects move horizontally and drop lower and lower each time they reach the edge of the screen. At the same time the Millipede or Centipede is descending there are other insects that try and attack you. You must avoid the spider, earwigs, and bees who are trying to eliminate you while you are trying to shoot destroy the centipede or millipede.

Missile Command is a defense game where an endless hail of ballistic missiles drop from the sky heading toward your six cities and three anti missile bases. Your goal is to defend the cities by lining up you r cross hair on the incoming missiles and trying to destroy them before they reach their targets. Points are allotted for each city and missile base that survive each round of attacks. Each consecutive round gets more difficult with more and faster missiles to defend. The game ends when all of your cities and anti missile bases are destroyed.

If you like the space theme try renting our Asteroids, Galaga, or Galaxian arcade games. Or rent Arcade Legends which has over 120 games in one cabinet. Call our friendly Representatives at The Fun Ones to book your party today 630-495-3200. We serve the outskirts of Chicago and many suburbs including Winfield, Hoffman Estates and Niles.

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