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Our brand new Virtual Reality Roller Coaster is a crazy new edition to the VR rentals that we carry! With 28 Roller Coaster VR games to choose from, our Virtual Reality Roller Coaster is perfect rental for your corporate event, high school lock-in, birthday party, holiday parties, or special occasion. It comes equipped with amazing sound effects, vibration motion simulator, and fans which create wind effects that match perfectly to each ride scenario bringing exception realism to the ride. When the roller coaster increases in speed, the wind effect increases also. These external effects mixed with amazing visual graphics make it truly feel like you’re on a real roller coaster! The VR headsets completely immerse you in a 360 degree experience! The game offers different types of roller coaster rides. You get to choose from Adventure, Horror, Action/Adventure, Kids, If you are interested in the Virtual Reality Roller Coaster call our office or visit our website to rent this VR game. Our professional event planners will help make your event a “Fun One”! Check out the video below to see it in action!

Stunning Scenery in Virtual Reality

Currently, the Rilix Coaster has 30 exclusive scenarios, all developed by Rilix. Scenes of action, adventure, horror and children, among others. All Rilix scenarios are 360°, totally immersive. Each scenario seeks to allow the user to see something new and fun with the thrill of riding a roller coaster.

Vibration & Wind System

The Rilix Coaster is designed with a high-quality vibration system and a wind system with variable speed. Both methods are low energy consumption and provide a user-experience with exceptional immersion, thus providing a ride with the sensations of a roller Coaster.


Developed to be lightweight and compact, the Rilix Coaster is ideal for the most diverse types of business. It is easy to transport and handle. It can be disassembled, facilitating the passage through doors or elevators. The simulator is made of fiberglass and features high-quality gel paint, which makes the simulator resistant and durable.

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