Laser Tag Rental – Addison, Mount Prospect, Itasca, Joliet

Laser Tag Rental for Addison, Mount Prospect, Itasca, and Joliet

Laser-Tag-Rental-Original-1Nothing elevates the atmosphere of a party like a fast-paced game of laser tag. Just about every kid loves it, and a good number of adults too! Our laser tag rentals are among our most popular party rentals, and for good reason. They’re great for festivals in Mount Prospect, high school lock ins in Addison, carnivals in Itasca, and birthday parties in Joliet. We even occasionally rent them out to residential events all over Illinois.

We have two versions of laser tag – the arena mode, and the bunker field mode. The arena mode takes place inside a giant inflatable structure purpose-built for laser tag games. This maze is one of the largest inflatable laser tag structures ever designed, so there are plenty of places from which to ambush the enemy team! Two Laser-Tag-Rental-Bunkers-1teams enter at opposite ends and don’t stop until the other team is eliminated. Once you get shot, you’re out! The bunker field mode is totally different. We set up a bunch of inflatable structures to use as cover in a large open space. We can lay them out however you want, based on who’s playing and how good they are. Two teams duke it out until one team is all wiped out. Here are the details:

  • COST: $895/day
  • PLAYERS: 8 (4 players per team)
  • 2 GAME MODES: Arena mode // Bunker Field mode
  • Arena Mode: play in a huge inflatable maze!Laser-Tag-Rental-Arena-Inside-1
  • Bunker Field Mode: play in an open space and use inflatable bunkers for cover!
  • POWER: 2×20 amp circuits for Arena Mode // 1×20 amp circuit to inflate bunkers
  • THROUGHPUT: 240-480 players/hour (each round takes about 1-2 minutes)
  • SPACE: We need at least 30×50 feet of space for the Arena Mode. Bunker Field Mode can be played in just about any kind of space.Laser-Tag-Rental-Gun
  • 24/7 emergency hotline available if you have any problems with our products during your event. Call us day or night – we’ll be there to help.
  • Industry Leading Service – we deliver, set up, supervise, and clean up all of our interactive games. You never have to worry about a thing – we leave you free to tend to your guests.

We use fantastic and portable laser tag equipment. A lot of laser tag sets include a huge, Laser-Tag-Rental-Arenacumbersome vest that people have to wear with sensors on it. We do away with all that and just have you wear a headband with sensors on all sides. It’s lightweight, and allows kids of all ages to play! The gun also has a sensor on it, so you can’t just blindly stick your gun out from behind cover and shoot!

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Contact us if you have any questions regarding our laser tag rentals or other party rental services!