Hamster Ball Rental – Aurora, West Chicago, Lisle, Lockport

Hamster Ball Rental for Aurora, West Chicago, Lisle, and Lockport

Our hamster ball rentals are some of our most popular interactive games. They’re a ton of fun for both the participants and the spectators! The game is pretty simple – the participants get in their human-sized, inflatable hamster balls and try to carefully navigate an obstacle course that we set up. We can set up the course both indoors our outdoors, so the venue shouldn’t be a problem. You can race a friend, or take the course at your own pace. This game works well at a wide variety of events. There’s a ubiquity it has that makes it work at school events in West Chicago, or corporate events in Lisle, or hamster-ball-rental-2block parties in Lockport, or even private residential events in Aurora. These hamster ball rentals are some of our most popular interactive games, so read the details below, and learn what all the fuss is about.

  • $795: includes 2 hamster balls, course equipment, and 2 Fun Ones staff to supervise the game.
  • 12 players/hour – it usually takes about 10 minutes for each set of two players to complete the course.
  • 2 Players can simultaneously compete against each other or take on the obstacle course at their own pace.
  • We require 20×75 feet of space to set up a full course.
  • Children must be at least 10 years old to try the hamster balls.
  • We have the best customer service and product support in the party rental industry. When you rent from us, we deliver your party rental, set it up, make sure it functions properly, supervise it (if you want), and pack it all up when the event ends.
  • You get a 24/7 emergency support hotline that you can use to contact us in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with our equipment. Call us at any time – someone will be there to help you.

hamster-ball-rental-1We wouldn’t be a party rental company if all we did was rent giant hamster balls. We have tons of other interactive games, each more different and unique than the last. It seems people have an unlimited appetite for interactive party games, so the industry keeps on churning out more and more outrageous games! You can rent mechanical bulls, giant slides, inflatable obstacle courses, mobile zip lines (yes, seriously), laser tag sets, rock-climbing walls, pedestal jousts, cannonball air blasters, and more! Just take a look around our site, there’s a good chance we have something your party could really benefit from.

Please don’t hesitate to call or contact us if you have any questions about these hamster ball rentals. Thanks for visiting!